Turn Dreams into Goals

This page will help you to set and achieve your goals. We have also included a goal map that will help you to set this out.

What is goal setting? 
Goals give you direction and by following our 4 steps system you can achieve your goals. Set small goals so you get used to the system. Small steps leads to bigger success. Achieving smaller goals motivates you to achieve bigger goals. Make goal setting fun!!!!

A goal is something that we are aiming towards. They could be:

  • Getting on a sports team or improving a sport
  • Losing a certain amount of weight
  • Saving money
  • Getting into a specific college.
  • Improve your exam results
  • Improve confidence
  • Start a new hobby

Your goals need to be realistic and have a date when you want to achieve your goals. If you don't have a date, you will just keep putting it of. I will now explain the 4 steps

In this step you first need to write your goals down, Use colour when setting goals and not just black and white. Write your goal in present tense. See example below.
So for example if you want to save £200 for a new bike write your goal like this:
"I have now saved £200 to but myself a new bike"

When you write your goal on the Goal Plan don't forget to give a reason, why you want this goal.

Step 2
Read your goals. Read your goals at least once a day, even better do this twice a day. The more you read your goals the more you will keep focus on them and achieve your goals on time.

Step 3
Visualise your goals as you read them. This means that when reading your goals, picture in your mind, that you have achieved your goal. Imagine what it would feel like achieving that goal.

Step 4
Actions - When you write your main goal, you need to make a list of actions. This is the small steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Get your goal plan HERE

Why did i not achieve my goals?

There are a number of reasons why you didn't achieve your goal/s.
1. Maybe you didn't follow the 4 steps above.
2. Maybe you didn't believe in yourself.
3. Maybe your goal was too big, not realistic 
4. Maybe your got very close to achieving your goal and stopped. Many people do this.  

Check out the video below of Tom Daley. He used the same goal setting model. Tom is a British diver who is a double world champion and an Olympic bronze medallist and TV presenter.