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Stress Management Training

Going to work is generally good for us, but only if our health, safety and welfare are protected. Preventing ill health because of work-related stress is part of creating a good working environment for your employees.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates the costs to society of work-related stress is around £4billion each year, while around 13.5 million working days are lost yearly due to stress related illness.

By taken action to reduce the problem, you can help create a more productive, healthy workforce and save money. As an employer, you are also required by law to assess the risk of stress related ill health arising from work activities and take action to control that risk.

We are here to help. We are offering our 2-hour Stress Management Training for your staff team. This training is offered in-house or at a venue of your choice. This training will help staff identify their causes of stress and help them develop a positive action plan in dealing with that stress. This training includes practical exercises as well.

We offer our Stress Management Training to groups (max of 25), but can deliver a number of sessions over the day. We can work with you to deliver the best package, while keeping the cost low.

We deliver the Stress Management Training across the UK and Ireland. For more information please do get in touch by email or contacting me on 07740 469390