10 day Gratitude Journal 6-10 year olds

This is  great workbook to help children become more grateful for the things they have in their lives. It contains 10 worksheets to complete of the 10 days. Its important that the children complete only one worksheet a day. For each worksheet children just need to spend 10-15 mins on each one. This booklet is a good starting point before moving onto other workbooks or our goal setting programme. 

Your Journey to a positive mindset 8-12 year olds

This programme goes a little deeper than the gratitude Journal. The worksheets include in this workbook look at the young persons interests, achievements, positive affirmations, dealing with anger, 5-day challenge, goal setting, making a dream poster, positive thinking, respect and problem solving. This programme should be down over a number of sessions. Give young people a maximum of 20 minutes.